Just A Pawn In The System

           You might have come across the statement, “Don’t talk about politics at the dinner table” as it is considered to be disrespectful and unchivalrous. Well, don’t you think there is a bit of irony about not engaging in such an indispensable topic that is chiefly responsible for shaping our lives? Something so significant has almost become a cloak and dagger affair. In reality, it is the privileged people who can afford to make the decision whether to participate in such conversations or not, while others are turned into an apparatus in this grand scheme of god-awful and complex political institution.

         You have probably heard this more than a couple of dozen times, “I don’t talk about politics” maybe it is one of your friends or a complete stranger you’ve just met. The idea that someone has the authority to blatantly shrug off the rudimentary foundation of this society, speaks volumes. Especially when the world is turning into shambles, with fundamental human rights violated; it has become a matter of grave importance that needs our immediate attention.

          Headlines after headlines, about the deaths of countless civilians along with the endless wars, and here we are too afraid to talk about it. The increasing manifold casualties in Syria, are merely reduced to a number, yet we shy away from the notion of ‘picking sides’. The ever-increasing cases of gun violence in the States, and the palpable disregard to engage in a healthy dialogue would eventually result in our downfall. The recent rise of the “alt-right” in Europe and America, and their steadily growing hate speeches while we turn a blind eye; simply because we don’t like to be put in the spot.

         Well, our nonchalance and discomfort, in the long run, will lead to the upheaval of a cataclysmic fate; of which the alternatives are destined for our doom. We need to realize that we are the future, that it is each and every passing moment. That it is our time to rise and speak out, to do what is right; the future is now.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

-Martin Luther King Jr.

         This quote by Martin Luther King Jr’s puts things into perspective about how important it is to step up when necessary. We need to comprehend the dire consequences of our own actions, and that includes the act of refraining to acknowledge the atrocities of circumstances just to suit our comfort.

        It is high time we start discussing our indifference to subjects of paramount importance which is far-reaching for a better future. There is no need to disregard from our divergent opinions, rather the chief aim should be working towards finding appropriate solutions. We need to realize that we have lost the foremost sentiment of compassion for other people, and our obliviousness will eventually steer us into turmoil.




9 thoughts on “Just A Pawn In The System”

  1. I agree with your indignation and urgent sense that something needs to be done, but I have always interpreted the “no politics, no religion” discussion rule as an attempt to try to get along, despite being aware of our differences. Most of the time, discussions about political or religious topics get out of hand, as everybody has their convictions, and is unwilling to change. So what good does it do to pour oil on the fire?

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    1. i do agree to some degree but we cannot keep politics on the backburner. it is imminent that we, as people try to work to better the society; which will be met with retaliation and indifferences but the point being the need to have the discussion.

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