Unfinished Business

                     There are certain things in life that unfortunately don’t meet their fate; maybe they are abandoned friendships or deserted lovers. And, at times, they claw their way back into our lives and bring along with them, more unanswered questions. Such situations usually tend to bring back nothing but agony along with more complications. It makes our head spin with innumerable possibilities, and we start back-tracking to our old memories and immerse ourselves in a disarray of vacuous thoughts.

                         We have spent countless hours, days, weeks and probably months; trying to figure out the root cause of where everything turned into this chaos, and we wonder what was their last straw? We peevishly sit next to our phones, in the hopes that maybe we will get an answer. That maybe there is an infinitesimal chance that this could be resolved. But, woefully we were met with a dead end. And, sooner or later, we have to struggle to make peace with the fact that it will be an unsolved mystery, and we will have to just learn to move on. It is perhaps the most difficult decision, it comes along with misery and unresolved dilemma which persistently badgers us in the back of our mind.

                     The truth is, people are beyond our comprehension. And, we can’t make sense of most of their actions, and if we make an attempt it tends to be reckless and futile. Every so often, there is no one to blame but the ludicrous situation itself. Relationships fade and friendships fall apart, they lose their spark, as wretched it seems; that is our reality. So, we live in vain, speculating on what could have been. Consequently, we find ourselves going back to our old memories.


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