Unsolved Mystery

               Fashion is a flourishing industry, it is not only demanding for the consumers to keep up but much more so, for the producers. You might have come across ads for brands like Romwe, Shein or Zaful, probably on Facebook, they are hard to miss. They are all over the internet, carefully placed over various social media, waiting, almost begging to grab viewer’s attention. And, they keep popping in your feed unrelentingly, and at some point, you decide to give in and click on them, if only to feed your curiosity.

               Once you do click on any of these sites, you come across these massively comical sales, almost up to 80%, and it makes you feel like you’ve hit the jackpot; maybe you have chosen the correct day to click on these perennial advertisements. Almost all of these brands offer a lot of discounts the moment you click on their sites, to further enable your inquisitiveness. It almost seems like a farce, something too good to be true. The ticking time on the top of these websites, serve as a constant reminder of the urgency to purchase their merchandise, and hence creating a desperation to acquire them.

              With no recognized owner, the site is allegedly set to be located in China and has been immensely popular in Asia, Europe and America. With a quick google search, you might find dozens of hauls and reviews. It has been endorsed by popular social media influencers, with millions of following. Although, much of the information about these companies remains hush-hush. In the plethora of diverse reviews, they bring along a lot of unanswered questions. The most obvious being, Why are the products so economical?

            As you glance through their selection, it is nothing out of the ordinary. But most of their collection is made using polyester, which is rather odd; since cotton is predominantly used as it is more comfortable and supple. This brings us to the prices of cotton and polyester in China; turns out prices of polyester took a dip, while cotton prices increased. This clearly explains the switch from cotton to polyester, which gives us a little hint to their low-priced deals.

            Curiosity got the best of me, and I decided to ship items worth almost 40$ (around 2700 INR from Romwe). The chief intention being, if you spend more money, you get to avail free shipping! which at that time did not seem like a big deal; which may not have been my best decision. The clothes, much to my dismay, turned out poorly stitched, and rather grim; they had no labels, making it impossible to trace its origin. They were ill-fitted and evidently cheaply made; making this experiment a bleak and disastrous affair.

           Later, after skimming through numerous reviews, I found that there had been tons of dreadful experiences. One of the claims being that they had made their purchases from Romwe but received a package labelled ‘Shein’. A ton of cases regarding inferior products and careless tailoring. These companies have been accused of various regulations including child labour, poor treatment of employees and preposterous weekly wages. There is a lot to uncover about these companies, and significant details seem to be under wraps. And, all we are left with is, these miraculous prices!





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