The controversial and moot hashtag, #NotAllMen, trended right after the #Metoo movement. A movement in solidarity with victims of the unjustified sexual assault and sexual misconduct; to provide them with a platform to voice the iniquitous and vile atrocities committed against them. Yet, the men couldn’t help but be disrespectful and make it about themselves.

                              #Metoo, came into existence, thanks to myriad to audacious women, risking their jobs and lives, to speak against the ongoing transgressions. It was after years and years of abuse and abasement, that women finally spoke out; to free themselves of the shame that they have been carrying with them for as long as they can remember, shame that isn’t their fault.

                                 This was a glorious moment, a moment that they have been waiting for ages, a moment of freedom. But, the men couldn’t fathom that, and they had to jump in the wave. And, you can see them all over social media; whether it is fighting in the comment section or engaging in a farcical twitter war.

                                 The truth is, plain and simple, this is not about ‘all men’. Take it with a pinch of salt, but this crusade is against sexual harassment. Women already have their plate full, so try not to badger them, and maybe just try to resist the temptation to spew unwarranted comments at them?


I appreciate you checking out this page!


8 thoughts on “#NotAllMen”

  1. Oh please! Most involved in #meToo have such a pathetically broad and insane definition of both “harrassment” and who’s doing it as to be ludicrous. And yes, in general, they blame ALL MEN. We’re either specifically guilty or guilty through not taking what these females believe is enough action to prevent the situation from ever arising.
    Besides, most of the females that started the #MeToo thing are liberal types, so whatever happened to them – if anything actually did – was neither crime nor sin.


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