Rape is okay: Bollywood Classics

                        As someone who grew up in South Asia, particularly India, the topic of sex was rather hush-hush, and it was highly unlikely that ‘it’ would be discussed in your household. We never got the birds and bees talk, nor did we expect it from our parents. There was a mutual consensus about never mentioning sex, and somehow we were content with this conclusion. It is always presumed that our biology classes would help us with all the possible information we could need.

                       Hence, movies were our next alternative, maybe they could come to our rescue. And, Oh boy! That was perhaps the worst decision ever.

                      Recently, I tried to re-visit some of the good ol’ Bollywood classics, and boy was I  in for a treat! I was visibly appalled at the collection of our movies; it is almost painful to sit through these cringy films. This parade of ‘Bollywood Classics‘ can single-handedly ruin your day and manage to make you shudder with repulsion.

                       There is an indisputable pattern when depicting intense and revolting rape scenes; that has surprisingly managed to be overlooked by the very Censor Board is known for being brutal, which has been rather popular for its authoritarian control and conservative nature. It is simply hard to grasp the gore and vile clips that have made it past the director’s final cut.

                       These horrifying clips, come with even more petrifying storylines; that is way past one’s ability to comprehend them. There has been an instance where the victim of the abuse was married off to the perpetrator, just so they could manage to pull off a happy ending, what the actual fuck. And, rape was central to the plot of the film, almost mandatory. It was the only way for the protagonist to become ‘the good guy‘ because that was apparently the sole viable solution.

                        To make the matters worse, these movies are filled with casual sexual abuse or assault that is not mentioned over the duration of the film; which means basically no repercussions. Whether it is in the form of a smack on the butt, stalking or a creepy dance number, they would definitely leave you feeling violated.

                      As a land that has been known for their rich culture and long-held traditions, this boils my blood. Going back to these classics, which was definitely not the best idea, but it made me realize the degree of ignorance and utter disregard we’ve had to such violent and gruesome crimes,  which has left an impression on the real society.





22 thoughts on “Rape is okay: Bollywood Classics”

  1. Great post. 👍

    Not just bollywood classics
    Bollywood itself is okay with rape(my personal opinion)
    Example: Recently, saroj khan justified casting couch.
    Also the feminists in bollywood are shouting against rape/abuse on twitter and fb. But in real life, they are just puppets with rape is ok attitude.

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  2. Well, it has become a Business now, whereas it had to be something which enlightens the general public by spreading positivity among them.
    Very well written and beautifully portrayed!


  3. I agree. Every word you wrote was true. Plots like those sells the most. Even mere kidnapping scenes were followed by rape.
    People are concerned if someone potrays a fictitious charecters slightly different. But when it comes to our respected CBFC they are completely ignorant of this.


      1. Actually. They should be lenient rather than blabbering about issues that are actually nothing and also, address these things.

        But I guess a century more before this. 😣

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  4. Rape is nothing but natural intercourse whether with consent or without consent.it is nothing but physical need of all creatures.physical injury in the name of rape cannot be justified because torture should not be allowed in any way.


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