Generic Coffee-Chain, Starbucks About To Hit The Streets Of Milan

                    Caffeine is probably the only legal drug you can indulge and appreciate. The esteemed coffee chain, Starbucks announced its new abode back in 2016, which is all set to release late this year. After being the face of colossal American coffee industry for a couple of decades, and an eminent part of the coffee industry in Asian countries, this traditional chain is ready to venture into a brand-new avenue, none other than, Milan, the acclaimed fashion capital and the hub for riveting coffee culture.

                  Coffee is a staple in an Italian household; and they prefer to relish it, once in the morning and once after supper; served in a distinctive manner, the classic Italian way. Milk-based coffee is considered to be a no-no post afternoon; as dairy might upset the process of digestion.

                 The etiquette revolving around the consumption of coffee in Italy is stringent and intricate; which is embedded in Italians, and is rather challenging for foreigners. These rules are sacred to them, and the concept of straying from this tradition is alien to them.

               A standard Starbucks coffee is noticeably different compared to the coffee brewed by baristas in the local cafes. A conventional Starbucks coffee has exorbitantly high amounts of sugar; which vastly differs from the orthodox version of coffee.

               The rising popularity of Starbucks in the States can be credited to their approach to this heavenly beverage. The States hasn’t shied away from their extravagant portion and drink sizes; a large in the States (in Starbucks) is 32 oz (almost a litre) which is almost one and a half times bigger than a large in Japan. Americans enjoy their daily fix of sugar, which a Starbucks drink can get along with. They have managed to garner a massive success, with copious amounts of sugar and barrel-sized drinks; to keep their average American customer happy.

                  Australia did not jump on the bandwagon of American coffee culture, they have chosen to renounce Starbucks. Starbucks opened its first outlet in Australia, in 2000. Almost a decade in, and they were incurring losses. The 2008 Financial Crisis heavily impacted their business, with more than 75+ stores closing down for business.

                   Along with bad business decisions, the average Australian just isn’t satisfied with their product. They seem to have set their heart on the coffee available in the local brewery.

                  Opening a store in Milan is a bold gamble since Italians have garnered a rather sophisticated taste along with firmly held convention attached to this beverage. Will Starbucks hit it or miss it?


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