Generic Coffee-Chain, Starbucks About To Hit The Streets Of Milan

                    Caffeine is probably the only legal drug you can indulge and appreciate. The esteemed coffee chain, Starbucks announced its new abode back in 2016, which is all set to release late this year. After being the face of colossal American coffee industry for a couple of decades, and an eminent part of the… Continue reading Generic Coffee-Chain, Starbucks About To Hit The Streets Of Milan


A Step by Step Guide: Consent

consent verb give permission for something to happen "my clothes do not determine my consent"               Consent is a tricky subject, and it isn't always an outright 'no'. Sometimes the consent, or lack thereof, lies within the subtle prompts and non-verbal cues. It isn't a black and white issue, nor is it a left and… Continue reading A Step by Step Guide: Consent

Rape is okay: Bollywood Classics

                        As someone who grew up in South Asia, particularly India, the topic of sex was rather hush-hush, and it was highly unlikely that 'it' would be discussed in your household. We never got the birds and bees talk, nor did we expect it from our parents. There was a mutual consensus about never mentioning sex,… Continue reading Rape is okay: Bollywood Classics

Unsolved Mystery

               Fashion is a flourishing industry, it is not only demanding for the consumers to keep up but much more so, for the producers. You might have come across ads for brands like Romwe, Shein or Zaful, probably on Facebook, they are hard to miss. They are all over the internet, carefully placed over various… Continue reading Unsolved Mystery

Unfinished Business

                     There are certain things in life that unfortunately don't meet their fate; maybe they are abandoned friendships or deserted lovers. And, at times, they claw their way back into our lives and bring along with them, more unanswered questions. Such situations usually tend to bring back nothing but agony along with more complications. It… Continue reading Unfinished Business

How Much More?

           Surrounded by ceaseless enticing advertisements, from the moment we get up and browse our phones, we are trying to resist the temptation to give in. Every other day there is a newer version of the same old product, rendering the previous version irrelevant. And, thus begins our quest to achieve these 'better versions', in… Continue reading How Much More?

Just A Pawn In The System

           You might have come across the statement, "Don't talk about politics at the dinner table" as it is considered to be disrespectful and unchivalrous. Well, don't you think there is a bit of irony about not engaging in such an indispensable topic that is chiefly responsible for shaping our lives? Something so significant has… Continue reading Just A Pawn In The System