A Step by Step Guide: Consent

consent verb give permission for something to happen "my clothes do not determine my consent"               Consent is a tricky subject, and it isn't always an outright 'no'. Sometimes the consent, or lack thereof, lies within the subtle prompts and non-verbal cues. It isn't a black and white issue, nor is it a left and… Continue reading A Step by Step Guide: Consent


Why Men Are Trash?

     Before the progressive, "egalitarian" men in our society start referring to this piece as "sexist" (which is definitely not ironic), let this be a disclaimer that not all men are trash. Moving on, there have been more than a few instances that I have been cut off by a man. Well, I would like… Continue reading Why Men Are Trash?

The Feminist Wave

    Feminism is almost used as a dirty slur, not only in India but around the globe. With the President of United States of America, one of the most powerful men in the one of the many advanced countries having alleged charges of sexual misdemeanour and sexual misconduct, along with his general disregard to treat… Continue reading The Feminist Wave