Unfinished Business

                     There are certain things in life that unfortunately don't meet their fate; maybe they are abandoned friendships or deserted lovers. And, at times, they claw their way back into our lives and bring along with them, more unanswered questions. Such situations usually tend to bring back nothing but agony along with more complications. It… Continue reading Unfinished Business


A Ludicrous Reality

      If anything, my life has been a series of bad decisions, one after another; yet somehow I still manage to surprise myself  and others at same time. I am positive that it requires a certain type of skill, to spiral into an unending turmoil.  You could probably monetize it by making a potential… Continue reading A Ludicrous Reality

What Are We?

       Romantic relationships are complex, yet we all of us crave to dive into one. We are struck with a conglomerate of choices; vapidly trying to make a decision. We yearn to be desired by another human that can comprehend our reality and someone who is smitten by us, and our need to be wanted.… Continue reading What Are We?