A Hilarious Mediocrity

blast from the past.


A Ludicrous Reality

      If anything, my life has been a series of bad decisions, one after another; yet somehow I still manage to surprise myself  and others at same time. I am positive that it requires a certain type of skill, to spiral into an unending turmoil.  You could probably monetize it by making a potential… Continue reading A Ludicrous Reality

What Are We?

       Romantic relationships are complex, yet we all of us crave to dive into one. We are struck with a conglomerate of choices; vapidly trying to make a decision. We yearn to be desired by another human that can comprehend our reality and someone who is smitten by us, and our need to be wanted.… Continue reading What Are We?

Why Men Are Trash?

     Before the progressive, "egalitarian" men in our society start referring to this piece as "sexist" (which is definitely not ironic), let this be a disclaimer that not all men are trash. Moving on, there have been more than a few instances that I have been cut off by a man. Well, I would like… Continue reading Why Men Are Trash?

Why Listicles Work?

       The way we consume media has changed dramatically in the past couple of decades. It is almost comical the way we ingest news, usually in bits. Bygone are the days where we are bestowed with unbiased information, without the influence of any political agenda. We are a provided news in a divisive form, to… Continue reading Why Listicles Work?

The Elaborate Alliance

    In the post-modern era, we regard marriage as a seal of approval among people in love. It is considered to be a sacred institution, very much influenced by religion. The customs and traditions are bounded by religion. In this society, the very idea of cherishing love, in legal terms evolved into the existence… Continue reading The Elaborate Alliance

The Feminist Wave

    Feminism is almost used as a dirty slur, not only in India but around the globe. With the President of United States of America, one of the most powerful men in the one of the many advanced countries having alleged charges of sexual misdemeanour and sexual misconduct, along with his general disregard to treat… Continue reading The Feminist Wave

The Fashion Industry Facade

        We all love splurging on clothes, we go out of our way to constantly keep an eye on the substantial festive sale seasons so we can find cheap discounted products. Everybody loves a great deal. It would be hypocritical of me to say that I would turn down a beautiful dress in… Continue reading The Fashion Industry Facade