Unsolved Mystery

               Fashion is a flourishing industry, it is not only demanding for the consumers to keep up but much more so, for the producers. You might have come across ads for brands like Romwe, Shein or Zaful, probably on Facebook, they are hard to miss. They are all over the internet, carefully placed over various… Continue reading Unsolved Mystery


How Much More?

           Surrounded by ceaseless enticing advertisements, from the moment we get up and browse our phones, we are trying to resist the temptation to give in. Every other day there is a newer version of the same old product, rendering the previous version irrelevant. And, thus begins our quest to achieve these 'better versions', in… Continue reading How Much More?

The Fashion Industry Facade

        We all love splurging on clothes, we go out of our way to constantly keep an eye on the substantial festive sale seasons so we can find cheap discounted products. Everybody loves a great deal. It would be hypocritical of me to say that I would turn down a beautiful dress in… Continue reading The Fashion Industry Facade